Heidi lives in a drafty Victorian house in the east suburbs of Pittsburgh. She writes and quilts and is involved in politics, watches TV, reads a lot, plays video games unrepentantly, loves movies and The Oscars(with or without Johnny Depp but particularly WITH…). All this, a glass of red wine and $2.36 will get you an ice cream cone at Baskin-Robbins.

The Husband…Travelling consultant, home 2 days a week, bad time to find a different job. Good guy, sad story, we cope.

Queenie…The 13-year-old, perennially agitated shoe-fiend who recently decided that I am the most embarrassing person on Earth. Photography is her ‘thang but it’s drama, drama, drama and sometimes I threaten to drive her to Nebraska.

Bunny…The 11-year old, mildly autistic, sweetest and generous kid in the world who would leave the house without pants if I didn’t intervene. He’s all about drawing, sculpting, and becoming a REAL guitar hero. And usually, he “gets it” on levels he shouldn’t. Which is awesome.

Ninja…The 4-year-old who to my dismay seems to have been born without The Fear Gene. He sings and dances, and talks your ear off, and often co-opts the living room as his Ninja Master Obstacle Course. He is the reason we maintain a decent insurance plan, and are already investigating extreme sports because it’s only a matter of time before he picks one…

Fletcher…The insane beagle, possibly the most destructive creature on earth. He weighs the same amount as our 4-year-old and is a stomach with legs. The vet said, “You really should watch his food intake so he can lose weight.” My response? Hysterical laughter…


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