Golden Globes 2009

January 12, 2009 at 5:55 pm (Movies and TV)

How much in FCC fines will NBC have to pay for Darren Aronofsky’s “rude gesture?” Will Sacha Baron Cohen be invited to Madonna’s next dinner party? And when will I stop being impressed by Tina Fey?

Last night’s Golden Globes held more than a few upsets but also had predictable moments.

My favorite lines of the night came from Ricky Gervais (“Good on you, Winslet! I told you…make a holocaust movie, you’ll get your award, so there you go.”), Colin Farrell (“I have a cold. It’s not that other thing.”), J-L0 (Mama’s talkin’! Shhhh!), and Tina Fey (“Suck it, suck it hard!”).

The Awkward Turtle Award goes to Emma Thompson, David Duchovny, and Cameron Diaz. They tried to joke, it fell flat. Bummer.

The Worst Speech Award: Tied, Colin Farrell and the British chick who was onstage with Johnny Depp. But in fairness to that chick, I wasn’t paying attention to anything but Johnny Depp.

Too Cool for School Award: The Bruce, wishing Clarence Clemons happy birthday. The guy just oozes cool, he can’t help it. He seems like the next inductee to the Saints of Cool, which already contains St. Eric Clapton and St. Jack Nicholson.

Most Conspicuous Absences: Sean Penn and winner Gabriel Byrne, who clearly didn’t expect to win.

Most Touching Moment: Chris Nolan accepting Heath Ledger’s posthumous Globe. Robert Downey, Jr. getting misty-eyed. And the whole room in standing ovation.

Most Unexpected: Kate Winslet, who should have split the vote and not won anything, winning BOTH of her awards. This will shake up the Oscar Predictions like nothing else. Though I was nearly as surprised as she was, I am pleased for her.

One source I read today referred to the Steven Spielberg speech as a Worst Moment, but I SO disagree. I loved it, especially the story about CB DeMille and the toy train set. It’s kind of scary to think that Spielberg has been in movies for 40 years, because it shows his age and reminds us that old directors don’t die, they just cut.

How wonderful to see John Adams winning so many awards, and one of my favorites, Mad Men, getting a Globe for Best Drama. And congratulations to Slumdog Millionaire, which I believe is deserving of everything it wins.

All things considered, though, the stars were not as drunk or as fun as usual. There were no classic moments that will make this broadcast special, other than it was nice to see the Globes back again after the writers’ strike cancelled the show last year. The few shots we were permitted of the room looked as though hardly anyone spent any time sitting down, or being quiet…a rowdy room. I wish we had seen more of that rowdiness onstage.


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