Notes From My Baby Book

January 4, 2009 at 2:07 am (Housewife Life)

In preparation to make some surprise holiday collages for a couple family members last month, based on old family photos, I found a small memo book in which my parents recorded my “firsts” from birth through age two. Here are a few the more telling excerpts, copied exactly:

June 17, 1970, 1 month old: First drive-in movie. Rated X.

June 22, 1970, 6 wks. old: First doctor appointment. Gained 3 pounds in 5 weeks!

16 weeks: Definitely learned to pout.

19 weeks: Loves to be kissed and cuddled, as long as she’s not hungry.

24 weeks: Cries for attention.

10 months: Pulls to standing, prone to sitting.

First birthday: Greatly mistrusts men.

At two, still lacks the concept of “tomorrow” but can memorize entire television commercials and point out the products later in the store. Constantly talking.

2-1/2, learned to call Daddy a “Male Chauvinist Pig.”

So much changes, so much stays the same…


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