A Sort of Homecoming

December 2, 2008 at 5:53 pm (Housewife Life, Uncategorized)

So, this past weekend was our 20-year HS reunion. Everyone has been asking me whether it was fun, how’d it go, etc. Judging from the number of e-mails that have been flying, and the talk of a 25th this early out of the gate, it must have been a success, and I feel good about that. As to whether I found it fun, I think the more appropriate word is “surreal.” Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but…it was surreal.

The first thing I can’t exactly wrap my brain around is how I can be old enough to have a 20-year reunion when I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. There are faces I will never quite get used to seeing under a bald head.

The second strange thing…my back was hurting that night so I was on Vicodin and therefore couldn’t drink. When you’re at a party like that one and not drinking, and just about everyone else is drinking heavily, interesting things happen.

Maybe someone will confess to you his secret desire to dress up like a cheerleader. Maybe someone will regale you with the list of medications she’s on. Maybe someone will overcompensate for living with his mother. Maybe someone will swear that escort really is his girlfriend. Maybe someone will tell you a story about her severely handicapped child that breaks your heart. Maybe someone will crack your shit up telling stories about a moronic supervisor who actually believes him when he calls off due to “an outbreak of Coulrophobia” (fear of clowns). I’d love to say I’m making ANY of this up, but, not even my imagination could have conjured this stuff!!!

It makes me wonder, what would I have said if I’d been drunk, and who would I have said it to?  Not all of these folks were “BFF’s” in school…in fact, with a couple, it was kind of the opposite (which, when I was a tubby goth-type in school, there WERE unkind people…). I would love to believe that this episode means I’ve gone from being an outcast to being approachable, but these people were drunk. Regardless, it was genuinely nice to see these folks again and have them treat me like Friend, not Freak.

I am not yet above looking around the room and praying that I see at least someone who is fatter than me. I am still petty enough to notice which people in the room who clearly knew me, didn’t even say hi. As much as it felt great that “here we are, all grown up,” there was still the tiniest element of it all just being “so high school.” I guess we all still have some work to do. And you know what? GOOD. Because it means we’re not finished yet, we’re not used up, these lives are still works in progess.

In the meantime, as we wonder whether to plan another one of these in 5 years, I’ll be deciding whether to get as drunk as everybody else next time, or stay sober and maybe not have as much “fun.” I’m leaning toward sober, if only because I learned a lot more about people and about life.



  1. david claycomb said,

    that excuse is trademarked but you can feel free to use it anytime you like
    great write up

  2. Iris said,

    WOW! So sorry I missed it! Just so you know, I not only would have said “Hi,” I would have hugged you so hard that your back would’ve miraculously healed and we could’ve spent the rest of the night making total asses of ourselves on the dance floor! Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand… sing it with me, girl.

  3. Erin Donnelly said,

    Very well written Heidi…writing comes as natural to you as the air you breathe. I am glad to see your site is up and running again. I meant what I said at the reunion and other than 1 drink to pacify my nerves to walk through that door I was very much aware and in control of my words. Things happen in high school to everyone…nobody is spared from the torments of being a teenager and most are just not honest enough to admit it or talented enough to put it into perspective as you have. I really meant its a new day. I believe in moving forward…Arrrrrrrrrrrrr! May the battle begin over Captain Jack Sparrow! (All I know is that I want him to Leave His Hat On!)

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